Ocean Gardens

Ocean Gardens
60 Kalinda Drive
City Beach WA
Australia 6015

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Ocean Gardens is a non-profit organisation that provides independent living for residents. It is a community-owned village and governed by its members with a board of directors. Ocean Gardens is in City beach and covers 6.5 hectares with beautiful residences. Its facilities are first-class and in view of the coastline. This assisted living community was established in the mid-1980s and includes 173 villas and 71 apartments. Recent refurbishment has improved the quality of these accommodations, and enhancements have been added. These include a swimming pool, a gym, a cafe, a library, and a gorgeous garden. Interior design is completely modern. Space has been optimised for utility and safety. One example is a soft covering on hard movable surfaces. Another is widow placement that shows the terrain and foliage. The vantage point from Ocean Gardens is breathtaking. The coast is in the foreground and mountains are in the background. The beautiful surroundings are a symbol of Ocean Garden's mission. It exists to enhance the quality of life and make the next step as pleasant as possible. It feels like home, and the many footpaths provide variety and a way of linking people together. With so much to do and so many activities, it feels like its own thriving town. People who come here are happier, healthier, and free to be themselves.

Nearby Service areas are: Floreat, Jolimont, Wembley, Glendalough, Mount Hawthorn, Herdsman, Osborne Park

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